Miguel Riley

Miguel Riley (born 28?? - died 2844[1]) was a Star Colonel for Clan Mongoose during the Golden Century. His command would massacre tens of thousands of Clan Star Adder colonists on the world of Marshall in 2844, wiping it out.


With no details known about him prior to the events on Marshall, Miguel Riley seemed to be a particularly vicious officer of Clan Mongoose.

Butcher of Marshall[edit]

Assaulting the world of Marshall in the Kerensky Cluster in 2844 as part of an offensive aimed at the Star Adder colony worlds of Tathis and Marshall, Star Colonel Riley would lead his Cluster of Mongoose warriors in a war of scorched earth against the Star Adder colony. Arbitrarily claiming the right to destroy a dezgra enemy (possibly due to the very recent Mongoose loss on Tathis), they targeted infrastructure, indiscriminately killing anyone in their way. After the garrison units had fallen, the citizens of the colony took up arms against the Mongoose warriors. Enraged by the idea of lower-caste citizens daring to stand against warriors, Star Colonel Riley's troops retaliated by slaughtering every colonist that they could find.[1]

Adder Strikes Back[edit]

After completing the gruesome business of organized mass-murder, Riley and his Cluster would depart for the Mongoose colony on Tokasha. It would not be very long before Star Adder forces likewise appeared above Tokasha, burning in toward the colony for a confrontation with their new enemies. The Quasar Keshik, led by Adder saKhan Dembe N'Buta, immediately started hunting down every warrior in the unit, from officers down to the lowliest MechWarrior. After the battle, saKhan N'Buta personally executed Star Colonel Riley, as well as any surviving officers. N'Buta would then have the headless corpse of Miguel Riley sent to Clan Mongoose Khan Davis Riley, along with a short note calling Star Colonel Riley and his Cluster's destruction the Mongoose Khan's surkairede.[1]


Instead of backing down at the implied threat, Clan Mongoose would continue their war with the Star Adders until their Absorption in 2868, when their old enmities would come back to haunt the Mongooses.[2]


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