Hannibal Banacek

Hannibal Banacek
Hannibal Banacek
Born: 3037
Died: 3???
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Khan of Clan Star Adder

Hannibal Banacek (born 3037 – died 3???) was saKhan and Khan of Clan Star Adder, and ilKhan of the Clans during the events of The Wars of Reaving.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Born of Banacek and Talasko genetics, he was of a quiet demeanor, starting his career with becoming the only warrior of his sibko. His rise through the ranks of the Clan was remarkably fast; his resourcefulness, keen sense of tactics, and battlefield awareness brought him nothing but success. All of this allowed him to win his Banacek Bloodname in 3057 and the command of the 5th Assault Cluster in the Adder's prestigious Alpha Galaxy. Not soon after he won the Galaxy Commander position after Dante Truscott's elevation to saKhan.[clarification needed] After Truscott's death on Strana Mechty, Khan Stanislov N'Buta had little reservation with Hannibal's elevation to the position of saKhan.

Wars of Reaving[edit]

Once the Wars of Reaving were in full motion, Banacek led the Adders' Alpha and Delta Galaxies to clean its holdings on Brim, Homer, and Tathis from Dark Caste and Society taint. These operations took their toll on him seeing the raw amount of lives lost at the Adder enclaves. It changed him from decidedly pro-Warden leanings to apply to that of the Clans.[clarification needed] Hannibal was responsible for the subjugation of Stacha and the elimination of the Society's main laboratory complex and human prison pens on Cocyra Island.

After ilKhan Brett Andrews killed Khan Stanislov N'Buta, there was a declaration that Clan Steel Viper was the last remaining taint in Clan space. His act to bludgeon the once-mighty leader of the Clans for the un-Clanlike killing of his Khan won him a great deal of respect from the other Khans present. With the respect of the Clan leaders and his stellar battle history he became the ilKhan for the Viper Annihilation.

After preventing massive amounts of losses during the Viper Annihilation, it was the hope of the Clan leadership that Hannibal would stay the ilKhan in order to prepare for a renewed invasion. Instead he stepped down and took up Khanship of the Star Adders, after setting several guidelines in place to foster Clan growth and repair.


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