Clan Diamond Shark Touman

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The Clan Diamond Shark Touman is the military arm of Clan Diamond Shark.

Unit Structure[edit]

Unlike other Clans, the Diamond Sharks make due with fewer Galaxies, which in turn are composed of fewer Clusters, than is typical. However, each Cluster is also much bulkier than those found in other toumans, containing more Trinaries than normal. While Clusters favor the combined-arms approach to warfare, Trinaries are often "pure" formations composed of either Elementals, BattleMechs or AeroSpace Fighters for ease of organization and logistics, though exceptions do exist.[1]

Front-line Clusters number five to six Trinaries, one of which is often a Supernova Trinary, while the Cluster's command Trinary is composed of a command Star (modeled after command Stars as used by Clan Wolf) and a support Binary. These formations want for nothing thanks to the Diamond Shark's mercantile skills and so make heavy use of OmniMechs and OmniFighters. A front-line Galaxy will typically have only four Clusters.[1]

Second-line Clusters are similarly larger, though second-line Galaxies only contain three each. These units also make due with more standard 'Mech and fighter designs than front-line formations, though at least one Cluster in each Galaxy (and all command Trinaries) are outfitted with OmniMechs and OmniFighters. However they do not make use of command Stars.[1]

Garrison forces lack advanced technology like Omni machines, but still receive quality equipment thanks to the fact that they are not looked down upon as in other Clans. Each Galaxy is usually composed of five Clusters each of which contain four Trinaries.[1]

Touman Structure[edit]

The touman in 3085.[2][3][4][5]

Current Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy (Deathstrike)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Cdsalphagalaxy (2).jpg 3059-3072
The Diamond Skate
39th Strike Cluster
21st Combined Assault Cluster
27th Cruiser Cluster
The Diamond Skate
21st Combined Assault Cluster
27th Cruiser Cluster

Beta Galaxy (Predator)[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Cdsbetagalaxy (2).jpg 3059-3085
Pearl Skate
7th Cruiser Cluster (Riptides)
6th Strike Cluster (Blood Hunters)
42nd Combined Strike Cluster (Gnashers)

Gamma Galaxy (Snapping Jaws)[edit]

Gamma Galaxy
Cdsgammagalaxy (2).jpg 3059
The Emerald Skate
8th Assault Cluster
21st Strike Cluster
28th Cruiser Cluster
Gamma Command Cluster (Emerald Skate)
8th Assault Cluster (Rogue Hunter)
21st Strike Cluster (The Merfolk)
28th Cruiser Cluster (Sturm Wache)
8th Assault Cluster
21st Striker Cluster
28th Cruiser Cluster [4]

Lambda Spina Galaxy (Starstrike)[edit]

Lambda Spina Galaxy
Cdslambdaspinagalaxy.jpg 3059-3067
Sapphire Skate
11th Strike Cluster (Depth Charge)
15th Cruiser Cluster (Slashing Spines)
Sapphire Skate
11th Strike Cluster
76th Combined Strike Cluster
84th Cruiser Cluster

Omega Galaxy (Bloodscent)[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Cdsomegagalaxy.jpg 3059-3085
Coral Skate
101st Strike Cluster (Maine's Marauders)
35th Cruiser Cluster (The Urchins)
57th Combined Assault Cluster (Devil's Churn)
17th Air Assault Cluster (Bloody Skies)

Sigma Galaxy (Fox's Whelps)[edit]

Sigma Galaxy
Cdssigmagalaxy (2).jpg 3059-3067
Moonstone Skate
23rd Strike Cluster (Leaping Fox)
61st Air Assault Cluster (Sky Fox)
8th Cruiser Cluster (Quicksilver Fox)
79th Strike Cluster (Desert Fox)
The Moonstone Skate
23rd Strike Cluster
51st Strike Cluster
422nd Strike Cluster

Fallen Galaxies[edit]

Rho Spina Galaxy (Steelsoul)[edit]

Rho Spina Galaxy
Cdsrhospinagalaxy.jpg 3059
The Opal Skate
33rd Combined Strike
13th Cruiser Cluster
Rho Spina Command Cluster (Opal Skate)
33rd Combined Strike Cluster (Aqua Marines)
13th Cruiser Cluster (Poisoned Spine)

Zeta Galaxy (Territorial Waters)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Cdszetagalaxy (2).jpg 3059-3067
Agate Skate
51st Strike Cluster
83rd Combined Strike Cluster
27th Combined Strike Cluster
44th Cruiser Cluster
Agate Skate
51st Strike Cluster

Naval Assets[edit]


Spectral Diamond Naval Star [3]

Black Diamond Naval Star[3]

Blue Diamond Naval Star[3]

Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Clan Diamond Shark Military Rank Insignia
Point positions
Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5
DiamondShark-Point1.png DiamondShark-Point2.png DiamondShark-Point3.png DiamondShark-Point4.png DiamondShark-Point5.png

Clan Diamond Shark Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Point Commander DiamondShark-PointCommander.png
Star Commander DiamondShark-StarCommander.png
Star Captain DiamondShark-StarCaptain.png
Star Colonel DiamondShark-StarColonel.png
Galaxy Commander DiamondShark-GalaxyCommander.png
saKhan DiamondShark-saKhan.png
Khan DiamondShark-Khan.png


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