Basic Forensic Analysis Kit


Basic Forensic Analysis Kits are common equipment kits used by many police and private investigation agencies which allow an investigator to quickly record and analyze evidence located at a crime scene. Basic kits in particular are used to obtain fingerprint, blood, hair and fiber samples, with enough materiel from storage bags to blood-type chemicals to conduct five collections of each type before replacement is required. In addition to their disposable material these kits also contain tools such as magnifying glasses, tweezers, a pocket recorder for taking notes and a holocamera with a capacity for thirty images.[1]



Item: Forensic Analysis Kit, Basic
Equipment Ratings: C/A/A
Cost/Refill: 300/75
Weight: 5kg
Affiliation: -
Notes: -2TN Investigation or Career/Detective Check; 1D6 x 5 minutes per use; Power Usage: .2/hour



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