White Swan Trans-Stellar Inc.

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White Swan Trans-Stellar Inc.

One of the few remaining interstellar passenger ship companies operating after the collapse of the Star League, White Swan Trans-Stellar Inc. is a classic luxury liner line servicing the Federated Suns' most elite of the elite.[1][2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: WhSwTS[1][2]

Home Office: Jameston, New Avalon[1][2]

CEO: Yvonne LaGrassic (circa 3025)[1], Wysteria Pongracic (circa 3067)[2]


One of the last remaining passenger ship companies remaining after the early Succession Wars era, White Swan's seven ultra-luxurious JumpShip liners travel between the worlds most frequented by the elite of the Federated Suns, including a service between New Avalon and Tharkad during the Federated Commonwealth era. Catering to their passengers' every whim, White Swan recruits only the most experienced JumpShip and DropShip crews, generally drawing from Armed Forces of the Federated Suns navy retirees, as well serving the most exquisite food and drink possible, White Swan charging the absolute premium for its tours. This places White Swan outside the easy reach of everyone save the elite of the elite for which money is no object, with many upper-class folk saving their entire adult lives for the chance to take just one White Swan cruise across the Inner Sphere in their retirement.[2][1]

Aside from its ultra-exclusive liner tours, White Swan also runs two subsidiaries, Black Swan Liners and Jesup Traders. The more economical and budget cousin of the luxury White Swan, Black Swan Liners is aimed more towards the Suns' middle and upper classes. Typical Black Swan cruises generally include stops at one or two worlds, usually among the most common travel destinations in the Suns, with several days of tours and activities on each. Unlike White Swan, Black Swan is also notable for servicing some of the more pioneering sections of the Federated Suns' Outback region.[2][1]

White Swan's other branch, Jesup Traders is a more mundane interstellar trading and shipping company, the successor of the Black Ball Trading Company. White Swan acquired Black Ball in the wake of the Jesup Incident, when the trading company stopped servicing the Outback world of Jesup in 3011 citing economic considerations despite being the planet's sole source of food, resulting in the death of thousands before the FedSun government noticed. Bankrupted as public opinion turned against the company and First Prince Ian Davion's Jesup Trade Regulations in 3013 enforcing severe restrictions on altering trade routes without government authorization, White Swan bought the moribund Black Ball, renaming it as Jesup Traders to ensure it learned from the experience.[2][1][3]


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