Buccaneer Boarding Gel Gun


The "Buccaneer" Boarding Gel Gun is a specialized boarding gun designed to combat enemy personnel aboard DropShips and JumpShips while eliminating the danger of ricochets or damaging the vessel. While specialized ammunition such as Frangible or AET rounds give similar functionality to normal weapons, they do not entirely eliminate the risks. The "Buccaneer" solves this problem by using compressed gas to fire gel batons at the enemy. While nonlethal, these gel rounds are effective against light and medium body armor; even though they have negligible effect against Battle Armor, the gels are still fired with enough force to likely knock an opponent off their feet. Exhaust from firing the gels, along with additional gas discharge, cancels out the weapon's recoil in a zero-G environment.[1]



Item: Buccaneer Gel Gun
Equipment Rating: C/X-X-D/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/4D
Range: 3/10/18/25 meters
Shots: 5
Cost/Reload: 200/20
Affiliation: FWL
Mass/Reload: 2.5kg/850g
Notes: AP0 vs Barriers/Tactical Armor; No Recoil in Zero-G; On Hit, -2 to Knockdown Check



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