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A C3 Network is a network consisting of either a C3 Command Unit and up to three C3 Slave Units or six C3i units. Basically a special tight-beam communications network, they are used to share targeting data between 'Mechs and Combat Vehicles. The original C3 Networks were introduced in 3050 by the Draconis Combine.[1]

The C3 Networks that exist today are geared towards the smallest level of tactical command; this means that each 'Mech in a Lance (or a ComGuard Level I for C3i) can share targeting data. There have been efforts to expand this targeting coordination to the Company level by using a 'Mech with a pair of C3 Command Units, like the Draconis Combine's Tai-sho.[2]

A C3 Network of C3 Command units and C3 Slave units cannot share targeting data with units using a C3i system.[3]

Alternate Meanings[edit]

The term C3 Network is also used to indicate the Command/Control/Communications function of a military unit.

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