Cernunnos (born 3??? - died 30??) was a warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar who was active in the Inner Sphere after Operation Bulldog.


Cernunnos is a codename for an otherwise unknown Smoke Jaguar warrior. He is known to be of the Aerospace pilot genotype, but carries the tell-tale azure tattoos of enhanced imaging implants of a ProtoMech pilot. Despite his genetic heritage and previous training Cernunnos pilots a BattleMech; a heavily modified Excalibur. [1]

In 3067 he was reported operating in the Periphery, possibly in conjunction with the Osis' Pride WarShip. He commanded a Trinary of ProtoMechs comprised mostly of the Roc class. He allows the ProtoMechs to conduct the main assault while directing his heavy firepower where it is most needed.

Cernunnos' targets always appear to be bandit parties known to either count renegade Jaguar warriors within their ranks or to have posed under Jaguar colours at some point in the past. He always strikes at night, often in the middle of a storm; offering no batchall, no zellbrigen or mercy. He does not take bondsmen and any bandits that fall into his hands are crucified as examples to all those who would sully the Jaguar’s honour.[1]


His customized Excalibur is likely a Star League relic taken into exile by Kerensky. It is retrofitted to better suit the Jaguars’ favored duelling tactics. It has been completely refitted with additional armor and a revision of its principal weapons' layout. The Gauss Rifle has been replaced with a Star League tech ER PPC and also fitted with an LB 20-X Autocannon with 3 tons of ammunition. It is protected by 12 tons of armor with CASE protecting the ammunition bins.[1]


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