Clan Hall

Clan Halls are the meeting centers for each of the Clan Councils, divided between a principal hall located on Strana Mechty and subsidiary halls located on each Clans' homeworld. Clan halls located on Strana Mechty form part of the complex which surrounds the Hall of Khans and all of them, while reflecting the architectural style of each Clan, share many commonalities. Like the amphitheaters of old each hall is either circular or semi-circular with tiered stone benches surrounding a central rotating dais. The Khan, saKhan and Loremaster of each Clan are seated on the dais, which includes a podium from which speakers may address the assembled warriors, while the rest of the Clan's Bloodnamed are seated on the benches. Each seat is equipped with voting and communications equipment, while cameras and microphones broadcast the proceedings from massive ceiling-hanging screens.[1]

Following the Clan Invasion, Clan halls have also been set up on "provincial capitals" in the Inner Sphere. These halls however are far less consistent in design from those located on the homeworlds, not least because many were formerly used for other purposes.[1]


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