Clawing Ritual

The Clawing Ritual

The Clawing Ritual is a Clan Ghost Bear rite undertaken by members of the Warrior Caste. Every year the highest ranked, unClawed warrior in each Cluster travels to Strana Mechty to participate in The Clawing Ritual. The warriors are led in a month long period of reflection and purification by the Clan Loremaster. After this period the candidates are organized into hunting parties and given primitive equipment including, but not limited to, two hunting dogs and metal spears. They then set out into the Antarctic of Strana Mechty to locate a Ghost Bear and return with its carcass as proof of their victory. There is no dishonor in a failed hunt and all participants share in a feast of the slain animals. The parties that do have a successful hunt are granted the right to be known as Clawed warriors and share the pelt of the slain Ghost Bear to wear as cloaks.[1]


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