David Fletcher

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A mercenary MechWarrior active during the early 31st century, David Fletcher (b. ???? - d. ????) piloted a Panther. He was a recon lance commander with the mercenary unit Varrick's Vandals.


The David Ambush[edit]

In 3022, Varrick's Vandals were employed by House Steiner to garrison the border world Penobscot when a battalion-sized raiding force from the Free Worlds League attacked.

Lieutenant Fletcher and his lance of light 'Mechs took cover in the capitol city, and waited to ambush any Marik BattleMech that came by. They sighted an Atlas walking along Droman Avenue and had no option but to engage it. By using their jump jets and exploiting the ponderous lack of agility suffered by the assault 'Mech, Fletcher and his lance were able to keep the Marik machine off-balance, all the while landing hits on the bigger BattleMech's rear armor. Fletcher himself scored the killing blow on the Atlas, but the dying ’Mech then collapsed onto the disabled UrbanMech piloted by Fletcher's comrade, MechWarrior Brad Finnegan. Finnegan was crushed to death underneath the Atlas.

After the Marik forces were driven off, Fletcher resigned his commission with the Vandals and went on to serve as a line MechWarrior with various second-line units.[1]

After Penobscot[edit]

Fletcher's showing on Penobscot came to the attention of Brevet General Nathan Armstrong of the Eridani Light Horse some years later. Greatly impressed by the incident, Armstrong offered Fletcher a place within the 71st Light Horse Regiment.

David Fletcher's last known location was on Galatea, just prior to the Fourth Succession War. He was thought to have accepted a place with another mercenary command, which may have been the Gray Death Legion. He had been seen a number of times in the company of a woman who matched the description of Lori Kalmar, an officer in the Gray Death.[2]


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