Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Carrack


In 3061 the Carrack-class transport CDS Devourer was a WarShip in service with the Clan Diamond Shark touman.[1] Unlike a number of other WarShips operated by the Diamond Sharks, the Devourer survived the Wars of Reaving, but in an embarrassing incident for the Clan, the Devourer suffered catastrophic damage and was lost at Twycross in 3084. The Devourer was lost not as a result of combat, but rather as a result of an accident caused by a misfiring thruster. The loss of the Devourer was linked in part to the amount of capacity from the Diamond Shark orbital facilities at Twycross being directed into the Labov Project rather than planned conversions, and the increasing number of accidents involving Diamond Shark ships as a result of this reduced capacity - of which the accident involving the Devourer was one - was the cause of considerable debate among the merchant and technical castes.[2] While the Devourer was reported to have been destroyed, it was subsequently determined that the ship was merely disabled and left stranded in the Twycross system.[3] The Diamond Sharks redeployed the Twenty-eighth Cruiser Cluster to the Devourer after the accident.[4]


  • The Devourer is identified as the base for the 28th Cruiser Cluster as of 31 October, 3085, about a year after its reported destruction.[5]


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