Dos de Diez

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Dos de Diez was an rpg magazine that ran for a few years in two runs 1993-1996 and 1997-2004. From time to time it had information on the new products along the BattleTech Line (both original and translated work), though only once there was a full article on BattleTech.

Dos de Diez - 2A Época - 08[edit]

Revista Dos de Diez 2º Época - 08

During its second run (2a Epoca in Spanish), in the 08 number, we find a BattleTech article, with new Level 3 equipment.

- Cañón Gauss Pesado: A sort of Heavy Gauss Rifle, being a L3 Clan weapon.

- Cañón de Óxido: An ammunition based weapon able to directly do internal structure damage and to roll on the critical hit table.

- Armadura Camaleón: An armor able to make hitting our 'Mech much more complex (+6/+8/+10), but quite heavy weighted.

- "Escopeta" Quantum de hipervelocidad: a sort of LB weapon but able to roll intermediately for a critical hit (with a -2) and also to cause armour breach.

- Cañón Conmocionador: A weapon designed to directly wound the pilot of the attached objective, though it damages the location where the weapon is installed.