Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Cloud Cobra)

Epsilon Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Stand and Deliver
Parent Formation Clan Cloud Cobra Touman
Formed July 2973


Epsilon Galaxy was first created by Khan Tharan Kon-Dakar in 2973 as a territorial defense force following roughly fifty years of raids by Clans Coyote and Smoke Jaguar.[1]

Though it is considered a second-line unit, Epsilon Galaxy has fought in almost every engagement involving Clan Cloud Cobra in the ninety years since their formation, starting with their first engagement against Clan Jade Falcon on Gatekeeper in 2977. Much of Cloud Cobra's forces were involved in conquering the Tanite worlds, leaving only the 73rd Cobra Guards, 185th Cobra Fangs, and a few Clan Burrock reinforcements, to defend their enclave on Gatekeeper. The Jade Falcons took advantage of their weakness, and while the nascent Epsilon Galaxy performed well in action, they were forced off the planet.[1]

Ever since, near-constant raiding by other Clans has helped Epsilon Galaxy hone their skills in combat, and its units have begun receiving more and newer machines.[1]


As of 3061 the Commanding Officer was Galaxy Commander Elena Norris, ecKhan of the Halidon Cloister and a previous commander of both Alpha and Delta Galaxies. She was previously thought to be a good candidate for Khan until her election to ecKhan, a role to which she has devoted most of her energy.[1]

As of 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Raymond Steiner.[2]


As garrison units, Epsilon Galaxy units are urban combat specialists. If fighting outside urban areas, they will seek out tight terrain with plenty of cover.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Epsilon Galaxy [1]


Epsilon Galaxy [1][2]



Game Rules[edit]

In CBT play, up to a quarter of Epsilon units may be deployed as hidden, so long as they are defenders and terrain allows it. They receive +1 on Initiative rolls when fighting in urban or hilly terrain, and suffer -2 when on flatlands.[3]


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