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The ComStar Explorer Service or Explorer Corps was formed by Primus Adrienne Sims in 2959 to publicly chart and catalog the worlds beyond the Periphery, but covertly to locate lost Star League caches and Kerensky's lost Exodus fleet for ComStar's benefit. In 2982 the ECV Fortitude and Discovery set out on a 1,600 light year trip to the Orion Nebula.[1]

Motivated by visions of previous Primuses referring to the space outside the borders of the Inner Sphere as the only true threat to ComStar, Sims requested funding for the branch based on the mystery of the Exodus fleet and the threat to ComStar's position and technological superiority if the fleet ever returned.

Using long range scout JumpShips such as the Magellan and lightly armed DropShips to investigate old Star League naval charts, the Corps traveled in every direction to re-establish contact with lost and forgotten worlds and locate old SLDF era caches. Most of the contacts on inhabited worlds was diplomatic and cool, while some were outright hostile, with response to ComStar's mystical ways and technology as mixed as the Inner Sphere without the threat of an Interdiction to cow people into line. If locating a former abandoned SLDF cache or base of value, the Corps either stripped its resources for return to the Inner Sphere, or restored it to operation. (One such base was the Columbus facility, which the Corps discovered in 3023.[2]) While some of the lesser or stripped finds were reported to the Inner Sphere governments, the Explorer Corps retained many for the use of ComStar operations in the Periphery, some of which were used in the Jolly Roger Affair.

Prophetically, Primus Sims' fears of destruction from beyond came true not in spite of but because of the Explorer Corps, when in 3048 the Explorer Corps vessel Outbound Light found the Clan Smoke Jaguar world of Huntress, their arrival giving ammunition to Crusader Clans to launch Operation Revival, the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.

With the threat of the Clans, the majority of Explorer Corps resources were directed to locating the Clan Homeworlds, but ComStar's covert agents had more success finally pin-pointing their location. After the Great Refusal, Explorer Corps vessels have returned to the goal of pure exploration and making contact with long-lost Periphery colonies.

In 3095 many of the Explorer Corps' duties were augmented by the actions of Interstellar Expeditions[3], due to the reduced funding available for the Corps. In fact many former members of the Explorer Corps joined Interstellar Expeditions full-time.[4] In addition, the remaining Explorer Corps personnel served as advisers to other private exploration groups, and in some cases, a source of equipment as the Corps sold off its assets.[5] Despite this, the Explorer Corps found a new purpose after the Jihad: Finding The Hidden worlds and any surviving remnants of the Word of Blake. This was a duty they took seriously, and had in fact engaged in combat with other exploration groups who stood in their way.[6]

Operations Command[7][edit]


Coreward Operations Area

Spinward Operations Area

  • HQ: Baliggora, Outworlds Alliance
  • Commander: Precentor Ingrid Snorrisdottir
  • Deputy: Precentor Albert McMahon
  • Coreward Exploration Theater: Precentor Carmen Nesfield
  • Rimward Exploration Theater: Demi-Precentor Wu-Fei Tang

Rimward Operations Area

  • HQ: Hellespont, Taurian Concordat
  • Commander: Precentor Saskia Dinelli
  • Deputy: Demi-Precentor Alain Crosier
  • Spinward Exploration Theater: Demi-Precentor Simon Bland
  • Anti-Spinward Exploration Theater: Demi- Precentor Lisle von Radoslov

Anti-Spinward Operations Area

  • HQ: Halifax, Lyran Alliance
  • Commander: Precentor Natalia Croft
  • Deputy: Precentor Jinny Blanks
  • Coreward Exploration Theater: Precentor Chalngura Jahau
  • Rimward Exploration Theater: Demi-Precentor Karol Stanislav


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