Chesterton (Individual New Syrtis-class WarShip)

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This article is about the New Syrtis-class WarShip. For other uses, see Chesterton (disambiguation).

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class New Syrtis


The FSS Chesterton was a New Syrtis-class WarShip within the Federated Suns navy and one of five New Syrtis carriers to see combat action during the Taurian Concordat ambush known as Case AMBER[1] in late 2577.[2] The FSS Chesteron was a part of Task Force 2.7, a squadron consisting of twelve WarShips, five JumpShips and seventeen DropShips operating in the Panpour system[3] when Taurian naval forces commanded by Marshal David Santos launched a surprise attack. The Taurian attack was a complete success, destroying or capturing the majority of the Federated Suns vessels while losing just a single WarShip and a handful of DropShips in exchange.[2]

The FSS Chesterton was one of three WarShips to be captured by Taurian forces during the battle at Panpour, as a result of most of the Chesterton's crew being off-ship along with the entire AeroSpace group at the time of the attack.[1]


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