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The Federated News Services is the largest independent news and entertainment organisation in the Federated Suns.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: FNS [1] [2]

Home Office: Federated News Tower, New Avalon [1] [2]


Founded shortly before the Davion Civil War as little more than a private news magazine, the Federated News Service would slow expand to become the largest independent news organization within the Federated Suns. FSN maintain offices on all major Suns worlds and has contacts with local news organizations on most of the smaller ones and, in cooperation with the Federated Broadcasting Corporation, the organisation broadcasts the Interstellar News Hour throughout Davion space. [1] Following a series of boom years in the wake of the Fourth Succession War with expansion into the Sarna March and Federated Commonwealth, FSN diversified and created the Federated Entertainment Group. While the new division operated in the red for almost a decade thanks to a succession of unpopular flops catering to the FSN's liberal outlook, the FEG finally found its stride in the mid-3040's by pandering to the general public with simplistic and jingoistic tri-vids, helping both divisions to expand their market share and making the combined FSN the ninth-largest media corporation in the Inner Sphere. [2]

The Federated News Services has a slight anti-Davion government bias and has a focus on preserving the independent rights of planets and citizens within the Federated Suns. The many ideological conflicts between FNS and the Davion government are legendary, with battles on government policy, legal issues, and citizens rights resulting in at least one major court case a year. However, despite these onerous and public battles, the First Prince, AFFS and FedSun government generally avoid interference with the FSN as an example of the free society of the Federated Suns. The position of former First Prince Hanse Davion generally typified this, the Fox openly pleased with the organisation's diligence in unmasking the corrupt and incompetent members in his government. [1] His daughter Katherine ironically would prove to be the sole exception, ordering numerous corporate officers imprisoned and news reports regularly censored during the dark days of her reign in the FedCom Civil War. [2]

The company's CEO in 3025 was Bron Norburns (Circa 3025)[1], in 3067 the position was held by Bron Norburns, Jr. [2]


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