Follow the Leader Warhead


The Follow The Leader Warhead (FTL) was developed by the Federated Commonwealth based on Star League lostech. This alternate munition for LRM launchers functions like a standard LRM flight in every way except one: When a target is hit, every missile in the flight will hit that same location.[1] Instead of groups of five missiles hitting several locations, the armor in a single location can easily be overwhelmed by several flights of these warheads.

The FTL warhead did have one serious drawback however: Occasionally the missiles would follow a warhead that had missed the target completely, wasting the entire flight. Due to this drawback, and the fact that they're incompatible with Artemis, Narc, and Streak systems, the Federated Commonwealth stopped production in 3054.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

When these missiles hit, they apply a +1 modifier to the Cluster Hits table. To reflect the possibility of the missiles following the wrong warhead, LRM launchers loaded with FTL munitions applied a +2 to hit modifier.[1][2]


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