Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Mako


The Mako-class corvette Fuchida was under the control of the Bandit Caste group headed up by the individual known as Jaguar during the Wars of Reaving, and in November 3073 was operating from the system known as Waypoint 531 in the Deep Periphery near Nueva Castile.[1]

The Bandits had been operating from Waypoint 531 since June 3073, having captured the space station constructed and operated in the system by the Word of Blake. While the Blakist personnel had been traded on Tanis for supplies, the Blakist materiel had been used by Jaguar to equip his forces; some of his forces, including the Fuchida, were present when a Clan Goliath Scorpion force consisting of the Third Seeker Cluster and the Volga-class transport CGS Andromeda arrived at Waypoint 531 in November.[1]

The Fuchida was in a state of disrepair at this point, and appeared to be derelict to the Scorpions; having detected the Fuchida and the station, the Scorpion forces believed that they had found a Star League cache and approached the station accordingly, up until the Fuchida launched DropShips and AeroSpace Fighters and began moving to intercept the Andromeda.[1]

Star Colonel Enrique Yeh engaged the bandits with the available Scorpion forces, and the Andromeda quickly defeated the Fuchida while the remaining forces dispatched the few bandits still in the system. Star Colonel Yeh left a Binary of fighters behind to guard the station and the other salvage while the Andromeda and the remaining forces returned to Clan space; the discovery of Waypoint 531 and the facilities there would subsequently play an important part in the Goliath Scorpion evacuation of the Clan Homeworlds following the Abjuration of the Clan.[1]


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