Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Achilles


The Halland was an Achilles-class DropShip. Part of the Liberation Flotilla, it participated in the Word of Blake's attack on Terra on 28 February 3058.

Together with the DropShips Knox, Azov, Hobart, DeGrasse, Fife and Perry the Halland formed Task Force Gold on approach, which was scheduled to land at La Paz before moving to secure the Com Guard base at Manaus. On this mission, the Halland carried two Riever aerospace fighters. Together with Perry it was the only vessel in the task force to have a veteran crew, all other ships were considered regular.

They were intercepted by elements from the Com Guard Terran Defense Fleet (Charleston, Alexander Nikolayev, Jeanne D'Arc, Casablanca, Sawakaze, Trafalgar). Task Force Gold lost approximately forty percent of its ships, primarily transport vessels. It is unknown if the Halland survived the battle.[1]


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