Harbinger (Individual Tramp-class JumpShip)

Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Tramp


The Harbinger was a Tramp-class JumpShip. As of 3070, it was registered to Akfata-Zaprudy Transport and under the command of captain Richard Marshburn.[1]

Following a change of its itinerary, the Harbinger used the Alarion system as a recharge stopover on 27 July 3070, initially unaware that Alarion was under full quarantine after the world had been subjected to chemical and biological weapons over the course of the Jihad. During recharging, the ship received a garbled message, possibly automated, desperately pleading with any passing jump-capable vessel to at least save the population's children who show no signs of any disease. The Harbinger did not reply and left the system as soon as they had recharged their jump drive, though the captain in his report as of 4 August 3070 remarked that they did not get a lot of sleep since then.


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