Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The JumpShip Hawass was one of a number of JumpShips operating as a part of the Interstellar Expeditions fleet in the late thirty-first century, and was serving as the IES Hawass. On the 6th of July 3094 the IES Hawass was involved in a dramatic incident in the Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone in the Inner Sphere. Increasing numbers of Interstellar Expeditions groups attempting to enter Jade Falcon space had been met with hostility at the hands - and guns - of the Jade Falcons, with no less than twelve JumpShips and their attached DropShips being destroyed before the incident with the Hawass.[1]

The Hawass and another Interstellar Expeditions JumpShip, the IES Hatshepsut, had jumped into the Barcelona system in Jade Falcon space only to discover that the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CJF Jade Talon was present in the system along with a number of other ships. The Jade Falcons promptly captured the Hatshepsut, dispatching a marine boarding party to the ship; from broadcasts made by the Hatshepsut, the boarding party abducted any personnel identified as scientific personnel aboard the Hatshepsut and killed any other personnel who attempted to intervene. As the Hawass executed a jump out of the Barcelona system to avoid a similar fate, it observed the Jade Talon destroying the Hatshepsut and her DropShips with a single broadside.[1]


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