House Sorenson

House Sorenson are an old family with a history that includes rulership of the Principality of Rasalhague and generations of intermarriage with House Kurita the rulers of the Draconis Combine.

Family tree[edit]

Urizen Kurita/Sorenson Line, 2273-2632[edit]

Kamaro Kurita
Shiro Kurita
Urizen Kurita
Victor Kurita
Isaac Kurita
Adam Kurita
Vladimir Kurita
Gabrielle Kurita
Toshiro Kurita
Hanako Kurita
Jason Kurita
Edward Kurita
Oma Kurita
Jan Sorenson
Miyamoto Kurita
Iteki Kurita
Daniel Sorenson
Erik Sorenson
Rachel Sorenson
Ariana Sorenson
Blaine Sorenson
Martin McAllister
Illiyana Sorenson
Katherine Sorenson
Jarod Sorenson
Ariel Sorenson
Romulus Sorenson
Oma Sorenson
Warren Kurita
Siriwan McAllister-Kurita
Ajax SorensonWolfgang SorensonAudra SorensonTimothy Sorenson
Hehiro Kurita
Sorenson Family
Kurita Family

Sorenson Family, 2937 - present[edit]

Sorenson Family
Vladimir Sorenson
Richard Sorenson
Heath Sorenson
Anne Sorenson
Richard Rogers
Daniel Sorenson
Ilyana Sorenson
Bradley Carson
Ellen Sorenson
Jan Sorenson
Ilyana Sorenson
Steve Rogers
Joseph Carson