Production information
Manufacturer  ???
Type Space Station
Tech Base  ???
Cost  ???
Introduced  ???
Technical specifications
Mass  ???
Length  ???
Width  ???
Thrust  ???
Fuel (tons)  ???
Fuel (days)  ???
LF battery  ???
Armament  ???
Armor  ???
Structural Integrity  ???
Docking Collars  ???
Crew/Passengers  ???
Grav Decks  ???
Escape Pods/Life Boats  ???
Heat Sinks  ???
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Hughes-class space station was mentioned as a "massive mobile yard station", i.e. a space station built from smaller components or modules of no more than 100,000 tons each that could be carried on JumpShip hardpoints like DropShips (instead of having to be carried as cargo), to be joined together to form a much larger structure at the destination site. It is implied from the context that the Hughes class of yard stations was among the largest space stations ever constructed during the Star League era.[1] No details are mentioned.

Wolf's Dragoons' Hephaestus Station was believed by some to have been a heavily modified Hughes-class station.[1]


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