This article is about the Black Lion-class WarShip. For the McKenna-class WarShip, see Implacable (McKenna).

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Black Lion


As at 3061 the Black Lion-class battlecruiser Implacable was a WarShip within the Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman and was serving as the CWS Implacable.[1]

During the FedCom Civil War the Implacable would battle the Lyran Alliance Mjolnir-class battleship LAS Yggdrasil above Tharkad. The Implacable was active throughout the Jihad, at one point helping to fight off Word of Blake forces attacking Arc-Royal.[citation needed]

The Implacable later joined the coalition force which deployed to the Odessa system, where the Blakists had control of a hidden naval facility known as the Ruins of Gabriel. The Blakists managed to briefly retake the facility, and the Implacable would remain to guard the naval base after it was recaptured by coalition forces. [citation needed]

In May 3075 the Implacable was destroyed in the Odessa system by forces from Clan Ghost Bear. The Ghost Bears had dispatched a Leviathan II-class heavy battleship to seize control of the facility; the Leviathan II refused to answer hails from the patrolling coalition forces, and when the Implacable fired a warning shot across the Leviathan's bow the Ghost Bears responded by mauling the Implacable with heavy return fire. The Implacable was destroyed, with only 68 survivors recovered from the wreck.[2]


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