Khwarazm Empire


The Khwarazm Empire is a small deep periphery proto-state consisting of 4 worlds - Herat, Nishapur, Marv and Urgenj. The Khwarazm Empire is located coreward from the Inner Sphere. The Empire was occupied in 3049 by Clan Jade Falcon and used as a port of call along the Clan Invasion Route.

The Khwarazmi people are poor, subsistence farmers. The merchant ruling class, on the other hand, lives in relative opulence. Khwarazmi worlds are rugged, with mountainous terrain and scattered deserts. Khwarazmi technology is well below that of the Inner Sphere. Technology and social order have changed little since the Jade Falcons occupied Khwarazmi space, but the ruling class is not allowed the freedom to trade as they once did.

The Khwarazm Empire possessed no standing army, no BattleMech-scale weaponry, and only small personal weapons at the time of the Clan occupation.


Considering they were used by the Jade Falcons, and what has happened to the rest of the Coreward posessions of the Inner Sphere Clans....

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