Kyalla Centrella

Kyalla Centrella at age 49
Kyalla Centrella
Born: 2981
Died: 3044
Affiliation House Centrella
Parents Tamara Centrella (mother)
Children Emma Centrella

Kyalla Centrella (b. 2981[1] - d. 3044[2]) - Periphery Noblewoman and 16th Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.

Character Physical Appearance[edit]

As of 3025, she was two meters in height, dark complexion, dark wavy hair, and grey eyes. She had a muscular and trim body. These attributes showed well when wore the typical sleeveless silk garments she prefers to wear. She had high cheek bones gives her predator-like look to her. Her over-all appearance had been committed as to having a striking personal magnetism.

Character Personality and Ablities[edit]

In 3025, she would put own personal needs aside for sake of plight of her people. She had insatiable desire for men, which has cost her a number of marriages. She was a master of seduction, using her skills and abilities bend others. She also student of ancient potions which allows her be able seduce individuals.[3] She was also known for her discretion and respectful manners towards family and foes alike.

After the Andurien Secession War, she lost of her ally led to a increased her paranoia and mental instablity.

Character History[edit]

Early Life[edit]

She was raised by her family to despise anything that came from the Free Worlds League. Also she viewed anything from the Inner Sphere with a eye of suspicion.

As Magestrix of Canopus[edit]

Kyalla Centrella was elected to become the Magistracy of Canopus's Magestrix after the death of her mother, Tamara, in 3012. Once in office, she pushed ahead for far-reaching social and economic reforms. She adopted "service for a service" policy in her strategies to deal with foreign relations. This allowed more skilled technicians and scientists to come to Canopus and improve her nation. At one point, she ordered the death of her second husband because he was attempting to usurp her throne.[4]

In mid-3020s she and Duchess of Duchy of Andurien had secret talks where they seduce each other into forming an alliance. Humphreys had first approached Kyalla in creating a political alliance between their two nations. Secretly Kylla had plotted the alliance to make new Periphery super state with Andurien with aimed to ultimately destroy the Free Worlds League. She and Catherine Humphreys unite their realms. Duchess moved to have the two families marry one another. Kyalla had arranged for her only daughter to marry Catherine's hedonistic youngest son, Richard. However, this wasn't desirable to Emma, who rejected Richard.[5]

The Andurien-Canopus Alliance & War[edit]

In September 3030, the combined alliance launches its war against the Capellan Confederation. Duchess Humphreys seeing it being means to fully constitute her dream of independent Andurien and ridding of themselves of a potential threat, which were weaken from the Fourth Succession War. By 3032, despite reversals in fortunes against taking Capellan territory, Kyalla order expansion of the Magistracy's occupation zones, however her allied Catherine was as sure their chances for their war and the alliance succeeding. Two of her children has been killed in the fight so far with battles on couple important world in stalemates.[6]

The war effectively ended in 3035 as last of Kyalla's forces (including her daughter's force) escape New Roland.[7]

In 3039, Kyalla's mental state had grown into paranoia. With her daughter protests of her actions due to the war, She begun suspecting her daughter of treason so she order her to be arrested (as well assassinated). However, her daughter escaped arrest and mounted a coup with forces pledging their support for her and unseated Kyalla in May 8th, 3040.[8]

Family & Children[edit]

Kyalla had a child with her second husband named Emma. Due to her hedonistic behavior, this caused her seek out more sensual persuits ruined her three marriages.

Positions and Titles[edit]

Preceded by
Tamara Centrella
Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus

Succeeded by
Emma Centrella

Preceded by
Tamara Centrella
Royal Defender of the Magistracy of Canopus

Succeeded by
Emma Centrella

Character Notes[edit]

  • In the original Periphery book, she was born on the world of Luxen, hence her daughter being the Duchess of that world. However, in later publications her birth was said to be on Canopus IV.

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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