Laura McTighe

Laura McTighe (b. 30?? - d. 3???) was saKhan of Clan Coyote as of 3085.[1]

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Laura McTighe
Affiliation Clan Coyote


Elected to the office of saKhan some time soon after the fall of Tamaron and the last of the Coyotes to Clan Steel Viper on the 16th of December, 3074, Laura McTighe would do her best to assist newly-elected Khan Leo Koga in rebuilding their broken Clan. As a naval commander she holds command of the remaining Coyote WarShip fleet.[1][2]

Reclaiming Honor[edit]

Many years after the Society's insurrection was ended by the Clans, small enclaves of the rogue scientists and their followers would still be located in remote areas of Clan space. Clan Coyote led the way in destroying these enclaves as they were discovered, taking responsibility to clean up a mess that was viewed as their fault.

In 3077, the Coyote Watch would also locate a Bandit Caste hideout on an unsettled world only one jump from the Pentagon Worlds, designated System 671-H. SaKhan McTighe led the remaining Coyote fleet in an assault on the system. Upon reaching the bandit base, the Coyotes spotted three Star League vessels at the nadir jump point, later checked out to be from an old Clan Mongoose naval cache. Each ship was linked to the other to form a rough space station. As the Coyote fleet approached the bandits counter-attacked with what little they could, but none of the three ships was in combat condition. The Coyote WarShips and Aerospace Fighters ripped through the bandit formation, while destroying any DropShip that tried to escape the battle. Extrapolating on the courses of these attempted escapes, saKhan McTighe would be rewarded with finding two more bandit JumpShips near the edge of the system, destroying one, though the other escaped into the deeps of space.[1]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Raven Clearwater
saKhan of Clan Coyote
3074-Presently Serving[1]

Succeeded by


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