Lloyd Harding

Lloyd Harding was a member of the Free Worlds League Military during the twenty-seventh century.[1]


Lloyd Harding (born ???? - died ????) had reached the rank of Marshal and was serving as Chief of Staff to the Dormuth Council within the Free Worlds League government when the Star League issued the Council Edict of 2650, also known as Directive 30. The Directive specifically limited the size of the military that each Great House would be allowed to maintain in the future, and Harding was responsible for presenting the results of the Dormuth Council's review of the Directive, its effects on the FWLM and Free Worlds League Navy and measures to be taken in response to Captain-General Ward Marik.[1]

Harding presented his report on the 29th of November 2650, submitting the report officially to Ward Marik as Warden of the Perimeter Defenses - this title being more technically correct than Captain-General as the Free Worlds League was not at war at the time. Harding's report identified that the FWLM was overstrength against the limits of Directive 30 by a total of three regiments - although this figure was based upon the recommendation that all of the various regiments and commands raised by the individual provinces of the Free Worlds League be transferred from federal control and funding to provincial control and funding, thereby allowing Ward Marik to argue that the forces were technically private armies or other unit types that fell outside the "federally supported military line units" covered by Directive 30.[1]

In addition to recommending the transfer of the provincial units to direct provincial control Harding's report also recommended that the Seventh and Eighth Free Worlds Guards and the Fifteenth Atrean Dragoons be officially disbanded, to bring the federal military within the limits of Directive 30 - while also recommending that these three regiments be integrated into the provincial forces of Oriente, Regulus and Andurien, effectively allowing the trained regiments to escape a formal cull by being re-badged as provincial forces.[1]



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