Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Tramp (modified)


Owned by Interconnectedness Unlimited, the Lucretia was a Tramp-class JumpShip. It was heavily modified with two permanently attached Mule-class DropShips and (it is implied) a Lithium-Fusion Battery. Effectively a space-borne habitat and working environment for hundreds of scientists that moved between empty systems for secrecy, it is thought to have been the first vessel to mount the experimental Super-Jump Drive that IU produced around the year 3000.[1]

The Lucretia was also responsible for the "New Syrtis Shipyards Incident" in June 3022 that caused an explosion in one of the dry-docks followed by a chain reaction involving several chemical storage areas and a fusion reactor. The truth (which was covered up, and possibly never found out by the officials) is that an IU-owned company, Golden Star Lines, had leased the dry-dock for four months and refitted and completed the Lucretia there. To avoid exposure of the project after a security breach, the vessel activated its jump drive in the middle of the shipyard complex, causing considerable destruction.[1]

It met its end in 3071 in the star of the PX-4509 system (reported to lie fifty light-years from the next system) when the resident scientists somehow micro-jumped the ship into the sun rather than be captured by a pursuing Word of Blake Invader-class vessel.[2]


  • Although the main source on the Lucretia is the Jihad Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2 sourcebook, the information pertaining to this vessel is presented as fact, largely found in the Gamemaster/Behind the Scenes sections, and not as a mere canon rumor.


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