Magistracy of Canopus Assets

The armed forces were in bad shape after the reunification war, but over the centuries the Army could rebuild some of their former strength. With the beginning of the 31st century, the Magestrix was ambitious enough to attack the CCAF in conjunction with the Andurien province of the FWL. After some initial victories, they were defeated on all planets and used their experience to improve their skills.[citation needed]

The Trinity Alliance provide the MoC with new technologies and designs which help the forces seriously against a strengthened MAF. Further the officer exchange program bring new thoughts to the officer corp.[citation needed]


The 'Mech forces are organized like the common IS commands. The influence of new equipment gave the Army an level of 25% upgrades and many command how were loaned to the CCAF receive better machines as replacement for loses in fighting. The officers use the BattleMechs as hammers and the vehicles as anvils. The commanding officer at regiment level is protected by his own body guard unit[1]

BattleMech TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Lance * 4 'Mechs
Company 3 Lances 12 'Mechs
Battalion 9 Lances 36 'Mechs
Regiment 27 Lances + 1 Lance 120 'Mechs


The aerospace arm of the navy was weak during the early 31st century but this changed through the Alliance and the new production capabilities on Detroit. The General Doru could increase the numbers of aircraft available to the ground units but this is a slowly progress. The largest unit attached to a ground unit is at squadron strength.[citation needed]

Fighter TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Air Lance * 2 Fighters
Squadon 3 Air Lances 6 Fighter


The standard deployment of an combined arms force of the MoC is a battalion to each 'Mech regiment, but this changed with the improved economical basis in the last decades. Some premier unit received a second supporting armor battalion with new designs like the heavy lrm launcher. Capellan machines could also fielded in the command through the Alliance. The vehicles are commonly deployed at battalion level.[3].

Armor TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Platoon * 4 tanks
Company 3 Platoons 12 tanks
Battalion 9 Platoons 36 tanks


The conventional infantry had played always an important role through the centuries in the MoC. Because the High Command missing the production capacity of an IS power for battle armor the specialization of the common soldier is widespread in these branch. The common infantry strength are 3 companies assigned to larger formations. [4]

The battle armor is a new type of weapon and is under the centralized command of the Magestrix Command Center. With their own production plant the number of battle armor has increased with the years. The Theseus is the second Battle Armor design fielded by the armed forces and is locally produced. Less sophisticated like the Ying Long it can be fielded in greater numbers.[5]

Infanttry TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Squad * 7 troopers
Platoon 4 Squads 28 troopers
Company 12 Squads 84 troopers
Battalion 36 Squads 252 troopers
Regiment 108 756 troopers

Battle Armor TOE
Element Subunits Total Strength
Squad * 4 troopers
Platoon 4 Squads 16 troopers
Company 16 Squads 64 troopers


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