Malthus Gambling Unlimited

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Malthus Gambling Unlimited is a gambling company in the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: Expelled in 3021

Home Office: New Monaco, Dustball

President/CEO: Graf Mitch "The Dean" Malthus

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Malthus Betting

  • Division Head: Timothy Mackay (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Betting establishments

Division Name: Malthus Racetracks

  • Division Head: Sparky Hood (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Racetracks for horses, dogs, and Tharkad gazelle

Division Name: Malthus Friendly Escorts

  • Division Head: Janice Macy (circa 3025)
  • Chief Products: Providing men and women with physical entertainment skills to wealthy clients


Malthus Gambling Unlimited is the legal front company for the largest organized crime family within the Lyran Commonwealth. The Malthus family uses their gambling establishments to gain entry onto a world. Once there, they then gradually expand their criminal operations to gain more money and influence. This criminal infestation was highly successful on the three worlds around the planet Dustball: Blair Atholl, Koniz and Graceland.

The Lyran government threw the company's stock off the Exchange in 3021 due to information that the company had not paid taxes in the last 20 years. As of 3025, the Organized Crime Unit have been unable to infiltrate the Malthus organization due to it's highly secretive structure. [2]


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