MechWarrior (1992 Video Game Resource)

Cheat Codes[edit]

  • Invincibility - Pause the game and hit A, L, L, Y, A, L, L, Y, A, L, L, Y. Unpause and you're invincible.
  • $1,000,000 - Start a new game and do these missions in the following order: Riot Duty on Zhada, Riot Duty on Solaris, Assault on Quilon, and Siege on Dalview. These must all be completed without talking to Cearle. Enter Sub-Zero and talk with Larmen Sholest to get the money.

Game Genie Codes[edit]

Effect Code
Never run out of any ammunition: 3CCD-D404 and 3CCD-4404
100 Short-Range Missiles: 102F-C7A4
200 Short-Range Missiles: A62F-C7A4
Unlimited Short-Range Missiles: EE2F-C7A4
100 Short-Range Homing Missiles: 1024-CD04
200 Short-Range Homing Missiles: A624-CD04
Unlimited Short-Range Homing Missiles: EE24-CD04
80 Medium-Range Missiles: 9D24-CDA4
100 Medium-Range Missiles: 1024-CDA4
Unlimited Medium-Range Missiles: EE24-CDA4
80 Medium-Range Homing Missiles: 9D24-CF04
100 Medium-Range Homing Missiles: 1024-CF04
Unlimited Medium-Range Homing Missiles: EE24-CF04
40 Long-Range Missiles: 4624-CFA4
100 Long-Range Missiles: 1024-CFA4
Unlimited Long-Range Missiles: EE24-CFA4
40 Long-Range Homing Missiles: 4624-C404
100 Long-Range Homing Missiles: 1024-C404
Unlimited Long-Range Homing Missiles: EE24-C404
Unlimited Machine Gun ammunition: EE24-C4A4
32 million C-bills on pick up: DD38-146D
Start with 100,000 C-bills: 103E-C4AD
Start with 250,000 C-bills: EC3E-C4AD
Start with 562,000 C-bills: D43E-C7DD
Start with 1,074,000 C-bills: D03E-C7DD
Start with 5,170,000 C-bills: F03E-C7DD
Start with 10,290,000 C-bills: 463E-C7DD
'Mech less effected by most obstacles: CBED-34F7 and 3CED-34B7
Protection from most hazards: 628C-4F20