Neural Interrogation Computer


The Neural Interrogation Computer is a device used in the interrogation of individuals and is associated with the Capellan Confederation. Originally designed to aid in the treatment of battle shock and trauma, it ultimately proved ineffective; rather than losing their large investment in the project intelligence agencies instead adapted the computer towards their own purposes.[1]

The computer introduces a series of subsonic signals to a person's brain via a helmet-like extension studded with electrodes and speakers. These signals induce muscle spasms in the subject's body, though these spasms are not particularly powerful and last only three-tenths of a second. However, the continual repetition of these spasms have been known to reduce even the most strong-willed individuals to gibbering wrecks in minutes, leaving them extremely vulnerable to suggestion. They also induce severe psychological trauma in approximately ninety percent of individuals, and occasionally permanent brain damage. Thus most inhabited systems have banned the use of neural interrogation computers.[1]


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