Night Vision Device


A Night Vision Device or Night Vision Goggles is a common optical device used for both civilian and military roles. Also known as NVDs they can operate under a number of different principals but produce the same effect of allowing to see clearly in darkness. NVDs do have a number of disadvantages though: depth perception is reduced when looking through a NVD, and the ability to distinguish color requires attaching a sophisticated computer for interpretation, a feature normally not available for the average soldier or civilian.[1]

Most every modern military issues NVD goggles to their soldiers, either attached to their helmet or worn as a headband, when night combat is expected.[1] A Night Vision Scope is a common attachment for weapons, while special night-vision lenses can be attached to other devices such as Video Cameras.



Item:Night Vision Goggles[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/A-C-B/A
Cost: 220
Affiliation: None
Mass: 600g
Power use: 0.1 Power Points per hour


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