Omega Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)

Omega Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3086)
Nickname The Caliph Brigada
Parent Formation Imperio Militar Del Escorpión
Formed 3080s


One of the first acts undertaken, after the arrival of the Scorpions, was the integration of the former Umayyad and Castillian forces into the Imperio Militar Del Escorpión. Trials were held for willing warriors to earn a place within three new Clusters that were being formed for the newly created Omega Galaxy. The response from former troops was poor with barely two clusters worth of freeborn warriors. The Khans were forced to add solahma warriors as "advisors" to bulk the force out and give it some military order. [1]


As of 3086, the commanding officer of the Galaxy was, Galaxy Commander Lise Burrill.[1]


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Composition History[edit]



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