Operation KOBALD

Operation KOBALD was a large strategic wargame preformed by elements of the Star League's Eleventh Army.[1]


Due to the position of the Star League's 11th Army, its assigned divisions would see little combat. To keep his troops from losing their skills, General Mohammed Nagenda created Operation KOBALD. When external events did not interfere, General Nagenda would select, seemingly at random, one of his divisions to attack another in simulated combat. Great effort was made to make these simulations as real as possible without endangering solider's lives and war material, but there were accidents despite all the best precautions.

Despite the accidents, the wargames allowed the divisions of the 11th Army to maintain their skills while giving General Nagenda an excellent opportunity to evaluate his commanders and troops.

While the Star League Defense Force did its best to not disrupt the lives of the Lyran citizens where these wargames occurred, there were times where it could not be avoided. The Star League reimbursed anyone severely impacted by KOBALD, but this led to con artists filing false claims against the League.[2]


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