Operation Rat (series)

Operation Rat is a series of short stories that were published online on BattleCorps in PDF format bi-weekly between 5 December 2009 and 27 February 2010. They all take place during the Fourth Succession War, which was launched with the Federated Suns' surprise attack on the Capellan Confederation in 3028 (codenamed "Operation Rat"). The stories are not interconnected beyond their setting.

Author Jason Hansa later mentioned that the authors "were all given the same basic concept, and told 'go.'"[1]
According to author Steven Mohan, BattleCorps managing editor Jason Schmetzer, when soliciting stories for "Operation Rat", said that the angle he was "looking for with this project is one of change. The Fourth Succession War was a universe-altering event. No single event had such a catalyzing event on the Inner Sphere in almost 250 years. The difference in world view between the generation before and the generation after would have been extraordinary."[2]

The individual stories that make up the series are as follows:

  1. From the Ruins by Christopher Purnell
  2. The Totalitarian Mind by Steven Mohan Jr.
  3. Salvage by Craig A. Reed
  4. First Meeting on Second Try by Chris Hussey
  5. A Storm of Rain and Steel by Jason Hansa
  6. Timbiqui Dark by Jason Hardy
  7. Tomorrow's Shine by Adam Sherwood


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