Outworlds Alliance Intelligence

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OAI's Insignia

As its name implies, Outworlds Alliance Intelligence is the intelligence service of the Outworlds Alliance. Currently, the leader of the OAI is Coordinator Steven Woodward.


The OAI is organized into four major divisions:

  • Observation Division: Led by Migel Haverlock, they operate under cover as crew of independent traders, which allows them to cover large territory with little or no attention from other intelligence services.
  • Liaison Division: Headed by Shandra Chiu. One member of this division is attached at the regimental level. These operatives collect information from all sources, including gun camera footage, sensor logs and after missions briefings. This branch works closely with planetary law enforcement agencies and ComStar/Explorer Corps together.
  • Analysis Division: Analysis agents filter every bit of information gathered by the Observation, Liaison, and Infiltration Divisions to understand the "bigger picture". Increased pirate activity and the appearance of Clan Snow Raven put this division at full alert. Headed by Douglas Faulds.
  • Infiltration Division: This division is an update to the whole agency. The purpose is the modernization of the Alliance military. Operatives were called when normal information gathering is impossible or more direct action is necessary. Personnel are recruited from outside the military, in most cases from planetary law enforcement agencies, because they have an established cover. Jason Vorn is the commander of this division.

Division Insignias[edit]


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