Pendragon (Individual JumpShip)

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Type JumpShip


The origin of the colony JumpShip named Pendragon is something of a mystery. What is known is that the Pendragon appeared in the Idrmarch system in the twenty-ninth century. Idrmarch had been a base of operations for a host of pirate bands of varying sizes which were the subject of an aggressive and determined "pirate cleansing" operation conducted by the nearby Lyran Commonwealth in 2810, and that operation had destroyed several large pirate bands as well as razing the greater part of the primitive arms manufacturing industries present on Idrmarch.[1]

The remaining pirate population of Idrmarch was left to die by the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, and the Idrmarch system would soon have been left uninhabited if not for the arrival of the Pendragon and the four thousand colonists she was transporting. The colonists aboard the Pendragon claimed to have been the subject of a misjump in 2372, making them several centuries adrift of their origin, although this story couldn't be proved or disproved, leaving the possibility open that the colonists were deliberately covering their origins with an outlandish story to conceal their identities, with other possibilities for their origin including the Pendragon being a refugee ship from a failing former Rim Worlds Republic world looking to flee the legacies of Stefan Amaris and the Republic.[1]

Whatever the origins of the Pendragon and her human cargo, they proved the salvation of Idrmarch; while the pirates quickly moved to establish themselves as rulers over the world through a system of organized criminal families, Idrmarch was a green and fertile world, and the colonist population exploded, making the Pendragon directly responsible for the growth of a relatively prosperous Periphery world, even after the failure of the local HPG station left Idrmarch cut-off.[1]


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