Pentagon Powers

Pentagon Powers - These were small political/military factions or proto-states that were formed in the wake of the Pentagon Civil War after 2801.


[edit] Brief Description

These powers originally were part of the five Pentagon Worlds nation known as the Star League-In-Exile. Settled by SLDF's Exodus Fleet, lead by the General Alekander Kerensky. Underlining tensions among citizenry and soldiers among the SLDF grew since leaving the Inner Sphere. However insurrection of City of Cathry and ultimatively the death of General Alekander Kerensky, brought demise of nation and birth of fragmented powers which were formed fires of unchecked warfare.

These factions were not interstellar powers, but small factions of people divided and united by their past political makeup. The Exodus War Civil War or Pentagon Civil War as it was sometimes referred to reduced technology levels of Pentagon Powers to hodge-podge of low technology nations with high-tech artifacts.

It wasn't until 2821, when these nations were destroyed and conquerored by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky and his followers that were known as the Clans.

[edit] Listing of Pentagon Powers

The following is break down of each faction found per world/landmass they resided on.

[edit] Arcadia

[edit] East Arcadia

  • Democratic Republic of Rand
  • Helgren County
  • Kingdom of Surev
  • Garrak & Korban
  • Principalities of Breck & Xanadi

[edit] West Arcadia

  • Confederation of Arcadia
  • Ilkasur Shogunate
  • Nation of Hastur
  • Ravisham Collective

[edit] Babylon

[edit] Abyssinia

  • Abyssinia

[edit] Callandra

  • "Mountain People"
  • City of Gralen
  • the Oppenreich

[edit] Solath

  • Camlaan
  • East Solath rebels groups

[edit] Valence

  • Sumral Carta

[edit] Circe

[edit] Northern Habitable Zone

  • Sand Confederation
  • Empire of Hidalgo
  • Tabor Voivoidate
  • Kerensky Dominion
  • Rasmussen Elite
  • Isle of the Eagles

[edit] Southern Habitable Zone

  • Emerald Empire
  • Gant Republic
  • Mongrel Mob
  • Brotherhood of Fianna

[edit] Dagda

[edit] Dratha

  • Hailes Commonwealth
  • Oriente Dominion
  • Ryan’s Roughnecks
  • Minor Gressen factions

[edit] Riva

  • McMillan Collective
  • Minor Rivan factions
  • The Choosen

[edit] Salò

  • Scattered Salan factions

[edit] San Biagio

  • Brotherhood of Donegal

[edit] Tenno

  • The Drakkars

[edit] Ocean Based Factions

  • Mimosa Atoll
  • Penn Atoll
  • Kepler Atoll

[edit] Eden

[edit] Amur

  • Minor Amur factions

[edit] Irkutsk

  • Irkutsk Irregulars

[edit] Noruff

  • Levic Ascendancy

[edit] Yakut

  • The McDonald Collective
  • People’s Congress
  • Sarbat Khanate
  • Purgatory Cities
  • Abaddon mining settlements

[edit] References

  • Historical: Operation Klondike, pp. 134 - 138 - "Pentagon Worlds"

[edit] Bibliography