Praxton Fusion Products Limited

Praxton Fusion Products Limited
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Praxton
Primary Products Fusion Engines


Praxton Fusion Products Limited is a key manufacturer of fusion engines. As Praxton's products are so important to the Outworlds Alliance, there is a standing order that the planet will never be undefended.[1] Though the planet was attacked by several mercenary and pirate bands at the start of the Jihad, it wasn't attacked by the Word of Blake-sponsored terrorist groups like the United Outworlders Corporation. To assist other Alliance planets ravaged by the Jihad, Praxton voluntarily diverted some of its profits to fund reconstruction efforts.[2]

The plant lost no personnel and was operating at full production capability in 3079.[3]

As of 3067, Praxton's CEO was Ms. Tori Wilbury.[4]


Praxton Fusion Products Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Praxton:[5]
Component Type
Fusion Engine
Nissan 120 Shipped to Alpheratz for Stinger & Wasp[5]
Nissan 160 Shipped to Alpheratz for Locust[5]
Nissan 200 Shipped to Ramora for Lightning[5]
Nissan 245 (possibly; see Notes below)[5]


The Nissan 245 fusion engine is likely in error, given the history of this particular entry: In the old (unrevised) Technical Readout: 3026, the Hunter tank was erroneously listed to have a "Magna 245" engine while the stats actually called for a class 175 engine; in the Technical Readout: 3026 Revised the Hunter is described to have a "175 Magna 245 Fusion" Power Plant in the text, while the stat page clearly states that it has a class 175 engine. Although no official ruling was made on the issue (other than that the entry should be taken "with a grain of salt", according to the assistant line developer), one author said that the wrong engine rating was likely missed in factchecking and carried over to Objective Raids when it was compiled, and is the reason why the factory was (erroneously) written to produce a class 245 engine for the Hunter.[6]

From the wording of the text, it could be assumed that "Nissan 245" is in fact the brand name for the class 175 fusion engine produced here.


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