Purity of Purpose

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Purity of Purpose
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Achilles

The Purity of Purpose was an Achilles-class DropShip operated during the Fortress Republic era by the secretly reformed Com Guards.

Among those ComStar forces successfully able to flee the Republic Armed Forces at Luyten 68-28, Purity of Purpose was among the handful of Com Guard vessels that arrived at Epsilon Eridani's nadir Jump Point rather than with the bulk of the retreating Com Guard at the zenith point. Laying in wait was the Aegis-class Auspicium, having incorrectly gambled that the bulk of the Com Guards would chose to arrive at the nadir point, dispatching its fighter escorts to deal with smaller than expected ComStar forces.[1] [2]

The Purity of Purpose was able to break away from the maelstrom at the jump point and burn in-system, evading interception by two RAF Schrack squadrons. Configured for dog-fighting but trusting the RAF forces at the jump point would be able to recover and resupply them afterwards, the Schrack squadrons pursued the Achilles-class DropShip and ultimately succeeded in forcing the Purity of Purpose to turn and face them. The resulting battle was exceedingly fast and violent, with the Purity of Purpose crippled and forced to surrender, but destroying eight of the original twelve Schracks sent against it.[1] [2]


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