Quick-Charge Power Pack

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Quick-Charge Power Packs are a type of Power Pack produced in the Inner Sphere. They can be recharged in half the time but are more expensive and hold only half the charge of their more common counterpart.[1][2]

Quick-Charge Power Pack[edit]

As with the standard power pack, this battery is the size and shape of a pistol grip, making it easy to store and provide enough power for many electrical applications.[2]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/A
  • Cost: 10
  • Mass: 300g
  • Power Capacity: 10; quick-charge

Quick-Charge Micro Power Pack[edit]

Roughly the size of a coin, these batteries are ideal for handheld devices.[2]

  • Equipment Rating: E/C/A
  • Cost: 20
  • Mass: 20g
  • Power Capacity: 10; quick-charge

Quick-Charge Satchel Battery[edit]

These larger packs are the size and shape of a canteen, requiring the user to attach them to a belt or combat webbing.[2]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/A
  • Cost: 40
  • Mass: 3kg
  • Power Capacity: 50; quick-charge

Quick-Charge Military Power Pack[edit]

These backpack-sized batteries provide the greatest amount of charge among quick-charge packs.[2]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/B
  • Cost: 80
  • Mass: 6kg
  • Power Capacity: 100; quick-charge


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