Ray Arrastia

Ray Arrastia
Occupation Game Designer
BattleTech Line Developer
BattleTech forum handle Adrian Gideon

Somewhat of a renaissance man, Ray Arrastia is a illustrator, graphic designer and layout artist on a large number of Catalyst Game Labs's BattleTech books. He is also the creator of the Quick-Strike Rules system.[1] He was announced the Assistant Line Developer for BattleTech on 25 May 2017.


An avid gamer and hobbyist since middle school, Arrastia has been working as a graphic designer for twenty years. Slowly moving from playing to working in the gaming industry, initially working as a freelancer for FanPro, Arrastia joined the Catalyst Game Labs staff in 2010.
His 'callsign' on most forums is 'Adrian Gideon'.

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