Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Volga


The Richardson was a Volga-class transport WarShip in service with the Star League Defense Force black water navy as the SLS Richardson during the Star League Civil War, and was one of 932 SLDF WarShips that made the jump into the Sol system to begin the battle to liberate Terra as a part of Operation LIBERATION.[1]

Of the 932 WarShips that attempted to jump into the Sol system at 16:12 Terran Standard Time on the 23rd of January 2777 from the eight separate systems the SLDF had assembled in, eighteen failed to jump, suffering malfunctions that prevented them from deploying. A further dozen ships suffered damage of varying degrees, but the SLS Richardson held the unfortunate distinction of being the only ship to be destroyed during the jump - the Richardson arrived in the same space as the smaller SLS Mississippi Queen, a Vincent-class corvette. The bow of the SLS Mississippi Queen interpenetrated with the stern of the SLS Richardson, leaving the Mississippi Queen crippled and the Richardson destroyed - although quick thinking on the part of Captain G. T. Garrett of the Richardson allowed her to launch all of her DropShips before being destroyed.[1][2]


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