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Official canon ruling (archived for reference)[edit]

In this thread on the "Ask the Lead Developers" section on the official BattleTech forum it was asked by user Frabby on 3 November 2014 (slightly edited for formatting):

I understand that the Empires Aflame AU is an alternate universe and not canonical for BattleTech outside of the Empires Aflame adventure.
I presume that Herb's official LD stance (from when he was LD, and never rescinded since then) remains that there are no "canonical" AUs in BattleTech, and no transdimensional travel to any AUs. Correct?
That does leave the question how to treat the adventure parts which are set in the "real" BT universe - canonical, apocryphal (aka, "no comment"), or non-canonical?
I'm specifically wondering about the RAF Material Oversight Division and their agenda, but also about the canonicity of the ships and characters. Basically, pp. 3-7 and the parts of p. 8 dealing with the ships' cargo and configuration when they jumped out.
I didn't spot any canon problems. But I didn't see the RAF MOD's agenda spelled out quite as clearly before (or simply didn't remember).
Since I like the whole setup how "reliable" mercs could come to work for the Republic, I just wanted to be sure I can take these factoids at face value.
As for the spaceships and characters... I just want to know if they're canon. Like the vessels, characters and events from Far Country are canon up until their misjump.

to which Herbert A. Beas II gave this official answer:

I guess we can call them canon. They don't violate anything; from the PoV of the mainstream universe, they're just another lost ship and crews.

He also later stated in this post in another forum thread:

And, as already mentioned, yeah, that's all pretty much canon--right up to the point the players' ship fires up its KF drive for the last leg of its journey...and vanishes from the Prime setting forever.

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