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There are some interesting background infos on the Grand Titan in this old forum thread, directly from Blaine Pardoe who created this particular machine. However, I am unsure wether or not (and how) to include them in the article.

{B. Pardoe}: There were some weak years in there where the rush for product was king. I remember getting a call to design a bunch a 'Mechs in 24 hours. I was on business travel and literally had to create the stuff from memory. I sent them in with the proviso, "you need to check the math on these, I did them from memory." Oh, the pains I suffered for that. The book went to print but only two of the 'Mechs got checked. It wasn't bad until FASA felt the solution was to toss me under the proverbial bus, "Yes, the author made some mistakes."
{other user}: Would these happen to be the Grand Titan and Rifleman IIC?
{B. Pardoe}: 'm sure this will degrade this chat with a boring piece of FASA history...but yes, that is why the Grand Titan is the way it is. I honestly don't remember if the Rifleman IIC was in that count. I remember when the book came out, I was stunned to see that they had not redone the math -- but had taken the time to butcher the fluff text. Go figure. That was back during a period where product was flying out the door at the rate of one a month or so. They had a number of us cranking on material and then sometimes stuff fell through the cracks.

Frabby 00:50, 14 April 2009 (PDT)