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Decryption of encrypted passages?[edit]

Should we maybe put the decrypted version of the encrypted passages on page 68/69 onto this page? Personally I don't have it(can anyone provide me with the decrypted text?)but I think it's floating around in the web somwhere.--BigDuke66 09:52, 20 June 2009 (PDT)

I can't take the time to decrypt it right now, but I'll upload the text here for you. It should be relatively easy to decrypt:
XomStzr XommuniquV 83761nr94-SLXOM-1-
1-3035 (OmVgz 99 VnxryptVw):
TogVthVr with Li Mznn, zgVnt TzggliyVzu
VntVrVw thV xhzmyVr lVss thzn sixty sVxonws
zftVr thV ylzst viz thV sVxonwzry woor znw
thVrV wisxovVrVw thV yzwly injurVw yVt still
living PrVxVntor Mzrik. RVzlizing thzt hV rVmzinVw
z kVy tzrgVt of thV zsszssins shoulw his
survivzl yV known, znw with sounws of rVsxu-
Vrs—znw potVntizl killVrs—moving through
thV pzlzxV, thVy movVw swiftly to VvzxuztV
him to thV XomStzr xompounw whVrV hV
rVxVivVw VmVrgVnxy trVztmVnt. PrVxVntor
Thomzs Mzrik suffVrVw VxtrVmV trzumz in
thV ylzst, wVtzils of whixh xzn yV founw in
YriVfing FWL6-78-9-3035, yut wzs stzyilizVw
yy Kzppz pVrsonnVl zt thV xompounw. His
wounws zrV, howVvVr, too sVrious to yV tVnwVw
hVrV. GivVn his importznxV to thV orwVr,
I hVrVyy rVquVst thzt hV yV yrought to MothVr
TVrrz for trVztmVnt zs yVfits his stztus.
–PVwrVgor Zliz, PrVxVntor of ZtrVus
XomStzr XommuniquV 84567nr94-SLXOM-1-6-3035 (OmVgz 99
Yring him. Z suitV znw mVwixzl tVzm stznw rVzwy zt Koryo.
[SignVw] WztVrly.
XomStzr XommuniquV 86405nr94-SLXOM-10-6-3035 (OmVgz 99
ThV Mzrik invVstigztion hzs yVt to gVt unwVrwzy, yVt puylix opinion
sVVms to lzy thV ylzmV zt thV foot of XzthVrinV HumphrVys znw
thV ZnwuriVn SVxVssionists. Wunxzn Mzrik looks sVt to yV instzllVw
zs thV nVxt Xzptzin-GVnVrzl—sinxV wV xzn’t rVvVzl PrVxVntor Mzrik’s
survivzl zt this junxturV—znw sVVms sVt to “VxpVwitV” thV invVstigztion
to support his mzrtizl zgVnwz. ZttzxhVw zrV thV trznsxripts wV
rVxorwVw yVtwVVn himsVlf znw his suyorwinztVs thzt xonfirms thV
ROM stztion xhiVf’s suspixion of his xulpzyility in this mzttVr. WV
xoulw rVvVzl this now through onV of our zgVnts, in VffVxt yloxking
his zsxVnsion, yut thzt woulw not sVrvV us wVll. Pzul, KristVn, or
ThVrVsV woulw yV forxVw to tzkV up thV rolV, nonV of whom hzvV
shown zny inwixztion of politixzl zmyition or strztVgix lVzwVrship in thV
pzst. Zllowing Wunxzn to xlzim thV thronV zt this junxturV mzy yV thV
most VxpVwiVnt mVzsurV: whilV z poor politixizn, hV shoulw zt lVzst
yV zylV to prosVxutV thV wzr VffVxtivVly, lVzving PzrlizmVnt frVV to
zxt. KnowlVwgV of his xomplixity in thV zsszssinztion givVs us z strong
yzrgzining xhip shoulw wV nVVw to influVnxV his zxtions—or VvVn
rVmovV him from powVr.
–PVwrVgor Zliz, PrVxVntor of ZtrVus Stztion
XomStzr XommuniquV 84567nr94-SLXOM-13-6-3035 (OmVgz 99
ZgrVVw. Zllow Wunxzn to xlzim thV thronV znw fill thV powVr vzxuum.
HV xzn wo littlV hzrm in thV short timV hV will hzvV. PrVxVntor Mzrik
will yV kVpt informVw of politixzl wVvVlopmVnts in thV LVzguV, zt lVzst
in so fzr zs his xonwition zllows. Zs you will no wouyt sVV whVn you ztt-
Vnw thV First Xirxuit zt thV Vnw of thV month, hV rVmzins intVrVstVw
in zffzirs in his homVlznw wVspitV thV VxtVnt of his injuriVs. WV will
hzvV to wisxuss thV Pollux XontingVnxy.
[SignVw] WztVrly.
XomStzr YriVfing 9-Y-15-3035-7-29: ThV Pollux XontingVnxy
It sVVms unlikVly zt this junxturV thzt thV SuyjVxt will rVxovVr
suffixiVntly to rVsumV his wutiVs without VxtVnsivV orgzn trznsplznts
znw mVxhznixzl prosthVtixs. ThV pVrxVptions within his nztivV stztV
mzy prVxluwV him from holwing offixV, zs too mzny pVoplV rVgzrw
thV yionix prosthVtixs zs wVhumznizing znw zs possiylV triggVrs to
somV form of psyxhosis. Suxh supVrstitions zrV rVsistznt to rztionzl
wisxussion, znw thus wV will nVVw to yV xzrVful with his rVturn znw
I woulw suggVst thzt in thV short tVrm thV SuyjVxt rVmzins
hVrV zt Koryo for trVztmVnt znw thzt Pollux is yriVfVw for z long-tVrm
wVploymVnt. HV hzs zlrVzwy sVrvVw zs z yowy-wouylV for thV SuyjVxt
on sVvVrzl oxxzsions, though thVsV hzvV only yVVn for z fVw hours
zt z timV. FortunztVly, his fzmilizrity with thV SuyjVxt znw thVir shzrVw
history givVs us xonfiwVnxV in his zyility to mzintzin z mzsquVrzwV of
suffixiVnt wurztion to zllow us to xomplVtV work on thV SuyjVxt znw
thVn to rV-suystitutV him for Pollux. WV rVxommVnw, howVvVr, thzt
sVvVrzl zwwitionzl stVps yV tzkVn yVyonw thV surgixzl znw informztion
prVpzrztion Pollux hzs unwVrtzkVn:
1) WVtzilVw xognitivV znw psyxhologixzl work: Pollux nVVws to
know zs muxh zs possiylV of thV SuyjVxt’s lifV znw history, his
knowlVwgV znw his opinions, so thzt hV xzn xzrry out his tzsks
VvVn with xlosV xonfiwznts znw fzmily of thV SuyjVxt. FortunztVly,
his mznnVrism znw spVVxh work is zlrVzwy zs goow zs xzn yV
hopVw for, znw thV SuyjVxt’s long zysVnxVs wuV to his tVnurV
in our sVrvixV will rVwuxV thV winwows of lVzrning wV nVVw to
foxus on.
2) Zs Pollux will no wouyt yV suyjVxt to mVwixzl sxrutiny wV will
nVVw to Vnzxt surgixzl mowifixztions to zpproximztV thV SuyjVxt’s
injuriVs, yut without thV nVVw for yionixs or orgzn rVplzxVmVnt.
This will tzkV somV timV—possiyly sVvVrzl months—wuring
whixh hV will not yV zylV to xzrry out thV rVquirVw xognitivV znw
psyxhologixzl work. Zs suxh, thV timVlinV for this proxVss will yV
zpproximztVly z yVzr hVrV zt Koryo.
3) WV zlso rVxommVnw thzt zs Pollux is zlrVzwy yVing prVppVw for
thV mVwixzl tVsts thzt will no wouyt yV xzrriVw out on him, stVps
zrV tzkVn rVgzrwing thV WNZ znw yiomVtrix tVsts thzt will yV run.
ThV proxVwurVs zrV outlinVw in thV zwwVnwum, yVt whilV thVrV
is no nVVw for yonV-struxturV mztxhing thznks to our prior work,
thV rVtinzl znw WNZ-xhimzVrism mowifixztions zrV yVyonw thV
xzpzyilitiVs hVrV zt Koryo. Zs suxh, wV yVliVvV thzt Pollux must
unwVrgo trVztmVnt zt Fzxility Y on JzrwinV, znw must zt thV szmV
timV yV kVpt ignorznt of thVir VxistVnxV.
4) Z wirVxt lizison yV VstzylishVw yVtwVVn Pollux znw thV SuyjVxt
with z viVw to fostVring xommunixztion znw unwVrstznwing.
Pollux will hzvV to zxt on his own initiztivV muxh of thV timV, yVt
his zgVnwz will yV thzt of thV SuyjVxt. Pollux will yV thV SuyjVxt’s
mouthpiVxV, yut xznnot yV unthinking nor xzn hV zllow his own
yVliVfs znw prioritiVs to VxlipsV thosV of thV SuyjVxt or thV

--Revanche (talk|contribs) 10:33, 20 June 2009 (PDT)


Comstar Communiqué 83761nr94-SLCOM-1-1-3035 (Omega 99 Encrypted):

Together with Li Mann, agent Tagglibeau entered the chamber less than sixty seconds after the blast via secondary door and there discovered the badly injured yet still living Percentor Marik. Realizing that he remained a key target of the assassins should his survival be known, and with sounds of rescuers-and potential killers-moving through the palace, they moved swiftly to evacuate him to the ComStar compound where he received emergency treatment. Precentor Thomas Marik suffered extreme trauma in the blast, details of which can be found in briefing FWL6-78-9-3035, yet was stabilized by Kappa personnal in the compound. His wounds are, however too serious to be tended here. Given his importance to the order, I hereby request that he be brought to Mother Terra for treatment as befits his status

- Pedregor Aliz, Precentor of Atreus Station.

Comstar Communiqué 84567nr94-SLCOM-1-6-3035 (Omega 99 Encrypted):

Bring him. A suite and medical team stand ready at Koryo [Signed] Waterly

Comstar Communiqué 86405nr94-SLCOM-10-6-3035 (Omega 99 Encrypted):


Thomas Marik investigation has yet to get underway. Yet Public opinions seems to lay the blame at the foot of Catherine Humphreys and the Andurien secessionists. Duncan Marik looks set to be installed as the next Captain General – since we can’t reveal Precentor Marik’s survival at this juncture - and seems set to “expedite” the investigation to support his martial agenda. Attached are the transcripts we recovered between himself and his supporters that confirms the ROM station chief’s suspicion of his culpability in this matter. We could reveal this now through one of our agents, in effect blocking his ascension, yet that would not serve us well. Paul, Kristen or Theresa would be forced to take the role, none of whom have shown any indication of political ambition or strategic leadership in the past. Allowing Duncan to claim the throne at this juncture may be the most expedient measure: while a poor politician, he should at least be able to prosecute the war effectively; leaving Parliament free to act. Knowledge of his complicity in the assassination gives us a strong bargaining chip should we need to influence his actions or even removing him form power.

- Pedregor Aliz, Precentor of Atreus Station.

Comstar Communiqué 84567nr94-SLCOM-13-6-3035 (Omega 99 Encrypted):

Agreed. Allow Duncan to claim the throne and fill the power vacuum. He can do little harm in the short time he will have. Precentor Marik will be kept informed of political developments in the league, at least in so far as his conditions allows. As you will no doubts see when you attend the first circuit at the end of the month, he remains interested in affairs in his homeland despite the extent of his injuries. We will have to discuss the Pollux Contingency. [Signed] Waterly

Comstar Briefing 9-Y-15-3035-7-29: The Pollux Contingency

It seems unlikely at this juncture that the Subject will recover sufficiently to resume his duties without extensive organ transplants and mechanical prosthetics. The Perceptions within his native state may preclude him from holding office, as too many people regard the bionic prosthetics as dehumanizing and as possible triggers to some form of psychosis. Such superstitions are resistant tot rational discussion and thus we will need to be careful with his return and integration.

I would suggest that in the short term the subject remains here at Koryo for treatment and that Pollux is briefed for a long term deployment. He has already served as a body-guard for the subject on several occasions, though these have only been for a few hours at a time. Fortunately, his familiarity with the subject and their shared history gives us confidence in his ability to maintain a masquerade of sufficient duration to allow us to complete work on the subject and then to re-substitute him for Pollux. We recommended, however, that several additional steps be taken beyond the surgical and information preparation Pollux has undertaken:

1. Detailed cognitive and psychological work: Pollux needs to know as much as possible of the subject’s life and history, his knowledge and his opinions, so that he can carry out his tasks even with close confidents and family of the subject. Fortunately, his mannerisms and speech work is already as good as can be hoped for. And the subect’s long absence was to his tenure in our service will reduce the windows of learning we need to focus on.

2. As Pollux will no doubt be subject to medical scrutiny we will need to enact surgical modifications to approximate the subject’s injuries, yet without the need for bionics or organ transplant. This will take some time-possibly several months-during which he will not be able to carry the required cognitive and psychological works. As such, the timeline for this process will be approximately a year here at Koryo

3. We also recommend that as Pollux is already being prepared for the medical tests that will no doubt be carried out on him, steps are taken regarding the DNA and biometric tests that will be run. The procedures are outlined in the addendum, yet while there is no need for bone-structure matching thanks to our prior work, the retinal and DNA-chimaerism modifications are beyond the capabilities here at Koryo. As such we believe that Pollux must undergo treatment at Facility Y on Jardine, and must at the same time be kept ignorant of their existence.

4. A direct liaison to be established between Pollux and the subject with a view to fostering communication and understanding. Pollux will have to act on his own initiative much of the time, yet his agenda will be that of the subject. Pollux will be the subject’s mouthpiece, yet cannot be unthinking nor can he allow his own beliefs and priorities to eclipse those of the subject or the order.

I fixed some minor issues with the translation above. (SLXOM -> SLCOM, minor letters in second to last paragraph, name of Atreus Precentor.) I am also adding the key here, if someone wants to check by themselves. z -> a, y -> b, x -> c, w -> d, V -> e --Neufeld 23:09, 24 August 2011 (UTC)