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Why is this a candidate? Seems like it is more appropriate as a sub-stub, to bring attention to the need to strengthen it.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 19:20, 5 May 2013 (PDT)

  • I feel this article doesn't have a place. The Home Guard is not one specific unit, but an entire class of units that have very little information in the lore from what I can tell. I just don't think there's enough information here to justify a whole article. Mattiator (talk) 07:11, 17 July 2013 (PDT)

Moving Page?[edit]

I am thinking this should also be placed under the Project: Military Commands auspice of the Cappellan militia commands as article explaining who the home guard was as the parent formation, for the individual home guard units.ClanJF74017 (talk) 21:43, 1 August 2016 (PDT)

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